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Long time no see LJ

 Woah, it's been long since I've posted on LJ! I sort of miss it. 

I don't know whether any of my LJ 'friends' still post on here, so I could just be talking to no one but it sure brings memories back. 

I don't really have anything in particular to blog about, I've been a little inactive in my other blog as well over the past month. 

Drop me a comment if you still hang round on LJ ^^ Maybe I'll try and post more often =] 


New blog

I haven't posted on here for AGES!! 
I can't remember the last time I've posted!

But yeah, I decided to make a blogger account instead.
Well I've made it for ages, I couldn't think of a domain name for ages so I never wrote anything on it! 

My newer blog is now:


I prefer blogspot, but I still need to sort out the layout and stuff >.<

But yeah, i won't be posting on here anymore.

But I don't wanna delete this account cos it has all the cool and awesome NORKYYYYYYYYY stuff on it!!! =D 

Anyway, I'll be posting at hohoemi now ^^
Btw, hohoemi means smile in Japanese ^_^ 



I don't know what to title this as

I really haven't been on LJ for long.

I think I shall make a blogspot account instead.

Anyway, I shall post something random about food!!! 

Today, well about 10 mins ago, or a bit more than that, I was gonna cook! 

I was having a dilemma between pasta or fried rice, so I choose fried rice, cos I eat a lot of pasta anyway! 

So I decided to boil the rice first, but I decided to use a pan rather than that rice cooking thing. Because the rice cooker doesnt have the number 1 on it for one cup of rice... well the pan doesnt have ANYTHING!

So my trouble started here, first I couldn't find the rice... but then after a few mins I found it.
Then I washed it, then I started boiling it. I didn't  know how much water to put in... so I just put a random amount in

then I put the lid on... then it did something weird, it was bubbling, so I left the lid half off

Then the rice was being cooked! The water went, though the rice was still hard

So... I put more water it, shoved it bacck on the cooker
Then something weird happened... rice is usually white, but the ones I cooked were a weird colour
Anyway, nevermind that... it seemed cooked but cos I put more water in twice, it went SOGGY! 
Then I tried to drain the water out and it didnt work
And I was gonna use that thing... what's it called... it's like a huge bowl with holes, it's friends with a sieve! *brain dead* It beings with a C.... c..... nevermind, I can't remember.

Anyway,, I couldn't put it in one of those things because it has HOLES, for the water AND the rice, and we don't want that.

So I thought I'd just cook the rice like that. First of all, fried rice require eggs and I couldn't find the eggs in the kitchen. >_>
I swear I ate eggs the other day, unless we ate it all and no one bought more.

So... then I though I'd just fry the rice with some green beans, those beans that are friends with runner beans and some random sauce.
So first of all... I heated the pan thing, poured some oil in... threw the rice in...
Then tried to cook it

And fried rice is meant to be DRYYY!! 

so yeah... my beans are just sitting in that other pan right now...
You know, green beans, when they're cooked, they're greener than before.. *random* I don't see the point in what I just said but yeah... .

So now, I've spread the rice out all over that big pan, like a pan cake, waiting for it to dry before I cook it again!

Why the hell am I chinese when I can't even cook rice? I should have stuck with pasta! But I swear... my normal fried rice tastes nice :D 

That was just a random entry and a random rant about my crappy rice cooking skills xP 


Writer's Block: What's the Plan?

Do you like to plan everything out or do you prefer to be spontaneous?

I like to plan... those who knows me knows that I always need a plan

But there are times where my brain doesn't work in "plan" mode and it just goes with the flow xD 

These LJ questions are always really weird xP


I haven't been on LJ for CENTURRRIEEEESSS

Lol the word centuries looks really weird stretched xDD

Anyway... I'm here to SPREAD THE PURPLE PEACENESS!!!




Click click click!!!

Yeah... please support us!!

And buy a badge if possible :D 

Thankies ^^


Happy Birthday Junsu!

Hmmm I feel like I've not posted in a while
And it's not often that I'm on LJ

So I'll post Junsu a BIRTHDAY POST!! 

It's Junsu's birthday today!! As well as his twin's!! 

Happy Birthday to Junsu and Junho =]

*sings in my terrible voice*

Happy birthday to them!! 
Happy birthday to them!!
Happy birthday to the Kim twinsss!! 
Happy birthday to them!!! <33

This was a short post but I gotta go now..
*may come back and write more*



Writer's Block: Evolutionary Contributions

In the spirit of the Darwin Awards, what gets your nomination for the stupidest act committed by a human this year?
This is a very vague question.
There's like so many things to name.

*cough*personally, I, myself has done a few stupid things this year, e.g. get on random transport, or forget to look at the sign in front of the bus or metro before I get on, but I think it's excusable xD

I personally think bus companies are stupid, especially the one I get.

Whoever suggested a 99pence coin is stupid...

I don't know, there's just too many to name, and I'm probably one of them too xDD

I should go and shower instead of strolling around on the internet...
I still have homework to do...

Oh yeah, whoever created homework isn't stupid, they're clever. They're cleverly EVIL >=[
I despise them for that >_> 

Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth

Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?
Albums as in music albums? 

DBSK - Mirotic
DBSK - Rising Sun
DBSK - Triangle
DBSK - 'O'
DBSK - Five In The Black
DBSK - Heart, Mind and Soul
(I think that's the only albums DBSK has so far)
F.T Island - Cheerful Sensibility
F.T Island - Colourful Sensibility

Hmmm... one more to go....
I'll come back and fill in the spot when I can think of one...

Writer's Block: If Wishes Were Horses

From shooting stars to stray eyelashes, there are a lot of ways to make a wish. What's your preferred method for asking favors from the universe?
Stray eyelashes to make a wish? That's the first time I've ever heard of that before.

Anyways... asking favours from the universe is kind of naive...
You're never going to get what you ask for... so what's the point asking in the first place? It's a waste of breathe.
You should just work harder to get what you want rather than ask for a favour T_T 

Anyways, I'm really bored.
It's lunch and I'm trying to do my English essay
But I can't think of what to write or what poem to compare this poem too....

I'm just bored.
I shouldn't be though - there's always an alternative ---> maths homework T_T 

I'm doing Purple Peace stuff instead =]

La la la....
It feels worse when I don't have my ipod T_T 

Writer's Block: Volunteering

When it comes to making a difference, some people donate money and others volunteer their time. What cause gets your time or money?
Purple Peace!!! 

What a better time than today to have one of these charity theme writer blocks.

I donate all my time and money to Purple Peace.

If you're reading your friends page and you see this entry and you don't know about Purple Peace yet,
Please visit: http://purplepeace2008.livejournal.com